True happiness comes from helping others

Once upon a time, there was a kind and generous king who ruled over a prosperous kingdom. The king had everything he could want, but he was not content. He believed that true happiness came from helping others.

One day, a poor man came to the palace gates and asked the king for help. The king welcomed the man in and asked him what he needed. The man told the king that his family was starving and he had no way to feed them. The king was deeply moved by the man’s plight and immediately ordered his cooks to prepare a feast for the man’s family.

The poor man was overjoyed and thanked the king profusely. He told the king that he would never forget his kindness. The king smiled and said, “It is not I who should be thanked, but the opportunity to help others that brings true happiness.”

From that day on, the king made it his mission to help as many people as he could. He built hospitals, schools, and homes for the poor. And as he helped others, he found that his own happiness and satisfaction grew.

The moral of the story is: True happiness comes from helping others.


  1. Generous – (दानवीर)
  2. Prosperous – (सम्पन्न)
  3. Kingdom – (राज्य)
  4. Content – (संतुष्ट)
  5. Welcome – (स्वागत)
  6. Starving – (भूका)
  7. Feed – (खिलाना)
  8. Moved by – (प्रभावित)
  9. Plight – (दौर, दुर्दशा)
  10. Feast – (भोजन)
  11. Overjoyed – (उत्साहित)
  12. Profusely – (बहुत)
  13. Opportunity – (मौका)
  14. Brings – (लाना)
  15. Satisfaction – (संतोष)
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