Conjunction in Hindi | Conjunction in English Grammar – Types & Definition

What is Conjunction definition in Hindi – अंग्रेजी के वह शब्द जो दो words, दो phrases, दो clauses या दो sentences को जोड़ने का कार्य करता है, उसे conjunction कहते है| जैसे – and, or, but, yet, that, as well as etc.

उदाहरण देखे –

  1. Ram and shyam are best friends.
  2. They are poor yet honest.
  3. Please give me a pencil or a pen.
  4. You as well as your friend is wrong.

Types / Kinds of Conjunction in English Grammar

Conjunction मुख्यतः दो प्रकार के होते है-

  1. Co-ordinating Conjunction
  2. Subordinating Conjunction

Co-ordinating Conjunction

What is Co-ordinating Conjunction – जो शब्द एक ही स्टार के दो phrases या clauses को जोड़ने का कार्य करता है, उसे Co-ordination conjunction कहते है| Example – and, but, also, yet, or, still, too, as well as, otherwise, either ……. or, neither ……….. nor, not only …………….. but also, both ……… and

उदाहरण देखे –

He is poor but honest.

Either Aman or Rahul is to be blamed.

Seema is dancing and Radha is singing.

I know both Hindi and English.

Types of Co-ordinating Conjunction

Co-ordinating Conjunction चार प्रकार के होते है –

  1. Cumulative Conjunctions – जो शब्द एक statement को दुसरे statement से जोड़ने का कार्य करता है| Example –
    • Mukesh as well as his brother is right.
    • They went Agra and saw the Tajmahal.
    • Your brother is not only tall but also strong.
  2. Adversative Conjunctions – जो शब्द दो विरोधी भाव वाले statement को जोड़ने का कार्य करता है| Example –
    • Your friend worked very hard yet he could not succeed.
    • She is intelligent but she is not practical.
    • I have no money still I’ll try to help you.
  3. Alternative Conjunctions – जो शब्द दो विकल्पों को जोड़ने का कार्य करता है| Example –
    • Give him a pen or a pencil.
    • He can neither read nor speak English.
    • Hurry up, else you will get late.
  4. Illative Conjunctions – जो शब्द परिणाम को व्यक्त करता है| Example –
    • He has grown very old therefore he cannot work very hard.

Subordinating Conjunction

जो Conjunction, Subordinate clause को Principal clause से जोड़ने का कार्य करता है, उसे Subordinating Conjunction कहते है| Example – when, if, that, whether, after, before, because, unless, until, till, so, since, while, where etc.

उदाहरण देखे –

  1. I like this book because this is very useful.
  2. He said that he was absent.
  3. You will pass if you work hard.

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